Challenges and Opportunities for Chinese Students in the U.S.


An increasing number of students from China are now studying in the U.S.  According to a recent State Department study, 235,000 Chinese students are now in the U.S., a 21% increase.  While the majority of them are bound for colleges, a growing number are enrolling in high schools.  The main driver behind this trend lies in cash-rich Chinese parents eager to give their children quality western education.   Simultaneously, in the last few years, cash - strapped U.S. educational institutions are intent on attracting these students.   

While both sides seem to have met their needs, unexpected problems have also risen.   Why do they happen and what can be done?

  • Language Proficiency
  • Social Integration
  • Varied Motivation

For many years, international students have generally been left to their own creative devices to survive and thrive in U.S. campuses.  As their number grows, it is starting to have an effect on the overall campus experience for all students.  This has helped draw attention and hopefully convinces more schools to put more resources to help international students acclimatize and integrate.

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